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OpenERP 7.0 Videos - Install, Configure, and Implement OpenERP


We started working with OpenERP many years back and first became aware of what is now OpenERP when it was called TinyERP. While the name OpenERP is certainly well recognized, the applications and services provided by OpenERP have quickly outgrown the name. Some companies use OpenERP just for the CRM applications. A company using the Point of Sale applications maybe confused by a product called OpenERP. The term ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is typically viewed as complex manufacturing related software packages involving scheduling, resource procurement, and advanced forecasting. While OpenERP (Odoo) certainly has that capability, the scope of what used to be OpenERP has become far greater.

Given OpenERP's awesome new web offerings and the new advances coming in OpenERP 8 (Odoo 8), the timing for the re-branding from OpenERP to Odoo is just right. We may still refer to Odoo as OpenERP and vice versa for a while. It is inevitable there will be a transition period and it will take time for documentation, videos, and other training materials to reflect the new name. For customers, just remember that for now OpenERP & Odoo essentially refer to the same software. As we move forward, we will attempt to use Odoo along with the application names to avoid confusion. This makes sense as virtually no company would use all the modules in Odoo while many companies may only use a few applications at first, then integrate more applications into their company as time goes on.

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