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Business Process Consulting

To take your business to the next level you need to take a comprehensive approach. Purchasing an expensive software package or following the latest fad is not enough. That is why we offer First Class Business Process Consulting. Business Process Re-design can be the most critical step in taking your business to the next level. With a strong network of experienced business minded consultants and six sigma certified instructors, First Class Business Process Consulting can offer dramatic improvements in efficiency and organization. In fact we guarantee satisfaction!


What does Business Process Redesign involve?

We start by a comprehensive evaluation of the efficiency and effectiveness of processes throughout your business. During this evaluation we take a hard look at the value stream and how each process contributes to bottom line value. We then create visual process flow diagrams that provide great insight into the operation of your business and uncover hidden opportunities to improve. All through the consulting process key employees and team members are involved and trained on techniques of continual process improvement. First Class Business Process Redesign empowers employees and stakeholders to make process improvements and identify new opportunities as they occur. Here is a short run down of the First Class difference:

  • Quality Process Mapping provides a visual overview of your business
  • Identify inefficient processes that are wasting money and time
  • Leverage Information Technology and Process Automation
  • Focus on eliminating non-value added processes
  • Research of industry peers and competitors
  • Increase product quality and customer satisfaction
  • Onsite consulting packages starting as low as $995
  • First Class Satisfaction Guaranteed!