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Office Workflow Redesign and Automation

Office Automation Solutions is for any business that has a lot of independent processes and procedures that can be handled more effectively by streamlining and automating various processes. Using the latest business process redesign tools we can often remove tedious and redundant tasks, resulting in a more efficient and competitive business.

Many growing businesses come to a point where they have purchased many different pieces of software and perhaps written some software of their own, that does not work perfectly with each other. 

Here are a few of the signs that your business could benefit greatly from a First Class Office Automation project:

  • The same data is having to be re-entered into more than one system
  • Employees are using spreadsheets and other tools to present information not provided by software systems.
  • Upper management is unable to get comprehensive reports on their own and must turn to middle management or IT to produce what should be simple reports.
  • Reports that span years of history or project into the future are difficult if not impossible to create in a timely manner.
  • Software packages are not integrated well into the company's financial accounting system requiring additional manual steps to be performed frequently.
  • Many reports seem redundant or have nearly all the same information as other reports.


First Class Computer Consulting Services can help

All of our services are structured around finding better solutions for your business. We can help you reduce data re-entry, produce better reports, and make your business run more efficiently. Our services are integrated and work together with providing you a total solution:

  • Business process redesign to clean up inefficient, non-value added processes
  • Six Sigma Workshops to create a culture of continuous improvement
  • Office Automation - Removing technical barriers and allowing information to flow cleanly and efficiently through your business