Build a Pirate Trading Game with Bolt & Unity - No Coding!

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    My most Advanced Bolt Course Yet! Learn to use State Machines and Create Complex Flow Graphs To Make a Fun Pirate Game!

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    Are you ready to make a Fun Pirate Trading Game?

    If you were looking for a Bolt course that goes into more complex and advanced Game patterns and development then this bolt course is for you. Based on the gameplay ideas from the original 1982 Taipain, Bolt Pirate Trader allows you so build a game from the ground up with absolutely no code. 

    Make Developing Games Fun again with Visual Scripting

    One of the most exciting aspects of Bolt is that it makes game development more accessible to those who learn visually. Even expert programmers get new perspectives into design patterns and composition due to the visual and accessible nature of Bolt.  Visual Scripting is great for prototyping and is often a great tool in the hands of graphic designers and creative people.  Many people in fact do learn better visually. Many experienced coders who once thought visual scripting was only for beginners or non-professionals are starting to take notice. Bolt can help many developers get a different perspective on design problems.

    The beautiful thing about Bolt is so many things you learn apply to pretty much any game design / development project. If you do choose to experiment with C# it is going to be far easier if you can build games already with Bolt.  In version 2.0 of Bolt you will be able to see the C# get created right along side your flow graphs. Very exciting stuff.

    Using Bolt's Powerful State Machine's Combined with Flow Graphs

    This new course was built from the ground up to use Bolt's State Machine features. Much like playMaker's state machines this course uses Bolt's State Machine's to quickly create a robust game manager for states such arriving at port, leaving port, at sea, pirate encounters, etc. Like all of my game development courses we make them accessible to beginners but move rapidly into the design patterns that are required to solve real world development challenges. 

    Prototyping in Unity using Bolt

    With the power of the Unity Game Engine and the Visual Scripting environment of Bolt you have an extremely powerful prototyping tool right in your hands. Take for example the powerful Timer action that is built into Bolt. It's a powerful action that you can drop into a flow diagram and quickly do the most easy to the most complex timer related function. Even if you were to implement a C# timer library it could in no way be as easy to use and understand and implement as the Timer action built into Bolt. It's an example in which visual programming definitely works well.  

    Quick access to the Unity Engine combined with visual feedback of variables will give even experienced programmers another tool in their toolbelt.

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